Message of Ambassador

Afghanistan and Kazakhstan relations can be traced back to a very long history where our descendants meet with each other in a very friendly manner which continues to the present day.

The cultural and historical relations of both States helps to work with each other in different sectors. The future of both nations are inter-connected with the continuance of their sustainable co-operation in political, security, business and transferring of experiences to one another. Additionally the relation between Afghan and Kazakh Nations extends further to the common Culture, arts, and social parts as well.

Afghan-Kazakh diplomatic relations can be traced back to the 1992.   In September 2002, Kazakhstan started their diplomatic mission in Afghanistan. In June 2003, an honorary Embassy was opened in Kabul.

In 1993, Honorary Embassy of Afghanistan was opened in Almaty with jurisdiction throughout Kazakhstan, which moved to Astana in 2005.

The Government of Afghanistan highly values its diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan and is committed to further strengthening its bilateral relations.

The Afghan Diplomatic Mission aims to encourage and further foster Afghanistan-Kazakhstan trade and economic ties. Kazakhstan and Afghanistan solidify their bond and provide mutual benefits for one another through trade and cooperation.

My mission in this country is to work on improving and strengthening these relations mainly in trade and investment. I hope that we could work alongside each other for the benefit of both countries. So that we can explore new avenues for improving bilateral trade and furthering educational and cultural exchange between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan and open a new page of relations between the two States.

Hereby, I deem it necessary to appreciate and thank the Government and the Nation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for their sustainable and long term cooperations in all sectors for the Government of Afghanistan.

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