On 6th  November 2018 Mr. Mohammad Farhad Azimi Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Afghanistan for Kazakhstan met with Afghan Students in Kazakhstan, discussing university issues and challenges of these students in the host country.

Mr. Azimi was accompanied by Mr. Mohammad Hasham Sahad the Counselor and Mr. Khoshhal Farahe the second secretary of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Kazakhstan. The Afghan Students in the first hand, welcomed and congratulated Mr. Azimi for their appointment as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Afghanistan for Republic of Kazakhstan and wished him best of the luck in accomplishing his duties.

Additionally, the Students of Afghanistan discussed the existing opportunities and challenges of the Afghan Students Kazakhstan, stating that their voices should be heard and these issues to be solved.

Later on, Mr. Azimi welcomed the Afghan Students and thanked them for their sincere congratulations. Further, the Ambassador of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan called the youths and students as the fresh minded, passionate, the current and future of their country. Meanwhile Mr. Ambassador promised to follow up the issues raised by them stating that “he will try his best in solving those issues and providing better opportunities for these students.



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