Charge d’affaires a.i. Mr. Omar Azizullah met on 12 October 2020 with Ms. Kaisa Standish, Deputy Head of Mission of Finland in Kazakhstan, and discussed bilateral and trilateral possible cooperation and the peace process. In addition, the Afghan and international victims of this process were highlighted.

Ms. Kaisa Standish thanked for the updates and information provided during the discussion, and noted Finland’s active participation in various projects and activities in Afghanistan: “Afghanistan is one of the largest recipients of assistance from Finland (28 Million Euros each year) “.

«Finland took part in a number of projects, such as: a project to support schools, the rights of girls and women, rural development, urban development and some projects for the use of natural resources».

Both sides discussed issues related to the planned Geneva conference, which is aimed at coordinating the goals of peace, development and prosperity in Afghanistan.

Mr. Omar raised the topic of a conference dedicated to Afghan women, which was held in 2018 in Kazakhstan (Astana).

Many issues related to cooperation between the two countries and the countries ‘ missions in Kazakhstan were discussed. An agreement was reached on further meetings and possible joint projects.

Kazakhstan accounts for 90 percent of Finland’s trade with Central Asia, with foreign trade between the countries reaching $307.9 million in 2017. Trade turnover from January-July 2018 was $160 million. In the past 13 years, Finland has invested $334 million in Kazakhstan.

Approximately 50 Finnish companies operate at the moment in Kazakhstan. The number is increasing.

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