On 24 February, 2021 charge d’affaires Mr. Aziz Omar had meeting with Ms. Manal Yehia El Shinnawi Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and discussed bilateral and trilateral relation with host country.

Furthermore, Mr. Omar highlighted the peace process, national sovereignty   preservation of constitutional values and achievements of the last two decades, equal rights for men and women, and the illegitimacy of war in Afghanistan.

 In return, Ms. Manal Yehia El Shinnawi confirmed future cooperation between both embassies and she explained about richness of culture and history in Afghanistan and Egypt.

Active participation of the Egyptian clergy in the face of Sheikh Al-Azhar and leadership of the Ministry of Awqaf of Egypt has greatly contributed to the establishment and international recognition of the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions as a global platform of inter-religious and inter-civilizational dialogue.

Nur-Mubarak, the Kazakh-Egyptian Islamic University in Almaty built upon the personal commission of the-then President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak as a gift to Kazakh people, has become a training center for qualified religious personnel who receive proper theological education without leaving Kazakhstan.

 Currently, around 250 Kazakh students are studying in different Egyptian universities. The cooperation between Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and other universities in Kazakhstan has been established with universities in Cairo, Ain Shams, Al-Minia, Tanta and Zagazig.

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