On 25 February, Chargé Aziz Omar had meeting with Kamil Mullashev, Honored worker of Kazakhstan Republic, Honored Artist of Kazakhstan Republic, Laureate of State Prize of Kazakhstan and Tatarstan, Laureate of Academy of Arts of France, Honored Member of Academy of Arts of Russia and China.

During the meeting, he shared his impression about trip to Afghanistan.

Kamil Mullashev was in Afghanistan with a business trip during the Soviet Union time. He was the member of delegation, as an artist. He was twice in Afghanistan; he saw the life of Afghans. He personally saw the life of this country from the inside. All the time he made sketches secretly or on his return to room. During the day, he draw interesting images from nature.  

Everything that he wanted to show mostly in his paintings. He has expressed in his paintings that the great tragedy brought to the Afghan people from outside has claimed many lives on both sides, as in pictures: «Refugees», «At the Holy walls», «Mass graves», «Spring in Kabul», «The first book», «Streets of Kabul», etc.

After returning to Almaty, he created a series of painting from his sketches about the trip and several exhibitions, in the halls of the Artists’ Union of Kazakhstan, the Arman cinema.

In 1986, at the invitation of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the USSR, he held an extensive exhibition «On the path of independence and creation» in the Friendship House in Moscow, attended by Deputy Prime Minister.the Minister of foreign Affairs, representatives from the Ministry of culture, the Soviet Union, the head of  mission Afghanistan Najibullah and many other guests.

In his turn, Mr.Omar invited him to  visit Afghanistan with  another exhibition.

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