On 15 October 2020, Mr. Omar Aziz met with Mr. Serik Akhmetov, Director of the International Water Assessment Center.

The director of the center presented information about the center’s activities, on what basis it operates and who sponsors it. Mr. Omar Aziz voiced the existing water problems in Afghanistan. Due to internal location of Afghanistan, almost all big rivers of the country flow in neighboring riparian countries. Transboundary water cooperation is done with the support of donors and at the governmental level. Afghanistan has plenty of water resources, but the water management needs to be developed.

The problem of flooding still exists because of the heavy rains in Northern Afghanistan, the destruction due to landslides that came down from the mountains. All this leads not only to the destruction of cities, but also to the death of people. Many people in the province suffer from a lack of drinking water.

Mr. Omar also noted Japan’s support for the construction of a new water pipeline ($2 million) in Nangarhar province and Canada’s help in rebuilding the Dala Dam.

The Director of IWAC pledged to involve Afghanistan in the UN Water Convention in every way possible. Mr. Akhmetov suggested organizing another meeting where proposals will be presented by Afghanistan.

The International Water Assessment Center (IWAC) is a subsidiary joint body of the Convention on the Protection and Use of Trans boundary Watercourses and International Lakes.

The main objective of ICWAC is to support the implementation of the Convention and, as far as possible, the Protocol on Water and Health, as well as their work programs adopted at the respective meetings of the Parties.

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