On 23 February:  Chargé Aziz Omar met with the Chairman of the Committee on Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Social Development Mr. Yerzhan Nukezhanov.

During the meeting both sides discussed issues on Afghan peace process, national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, preservation of constitutional values and achievements of the last two decades, observance of international obligations, equal rights for men and women, and prevention of any discrimination, the illegitimacy of war in Afghanistan.

Mr. Omar stated that the Afghan Government released 6,000 Taliban prisoners as goodwill towards peace, and yet Taliban had not reduced the level violence.

In his turn, Mr. Nukezhanov expressed his sympathy to the Afghan people, noting that the Kazakh government is against terrorism and extremism in the region and the world. Afghanistan is an Islamic country and a neighbor of Kazakhstan, and we stand with the Afghan nation and Government. We support the Afghan peace process and believe that the war in Afghanistan is Haram.

It was decided that the office, in coordination with the Office of the Supreme Mufti, will issue a declaration that the war in Afghanistan is Haram.

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