Both sides discussed the long-standing friendship between the two countries, which began in 1928 when king Amanullah Khan  visited Poland.

The official, military and security work of Poland in Afghanistan was noted. Mr. Omar highlighted the issue of the peace process in Afghanistan. The Polish Ambassador Mr. Selim Chazbijewicz thanked Mr. Omar for the information provided and clarified the conference held in Doha on 10 September, namely, how the peace talks are currently progressing, and asked for further meetings related to this topic. In additional both sides discussed about education program in Kazakhstan.

 Kazakhstan provided 1000 Afghan students with free education and a scholarship in the period from 2015 to 2020. Also, the educational program for 50 Afghan women studying at universities in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, sponsored by the European Union (allocated 2 million euros), was noted.

Using this example, Mr. Omar proposed the Ambassador of Poland to assist in the implementation of similar educational projects that will be funded by European countries. Mr. Omar suggested that more agreements should be concluded between the two countries in various aspects.

Poland has been one of the most valuable Western allies in the fight with terrorisms.  Poland has undertaken a fighting mission in the unstable south of the country — its 2,000 soldiers were in charge of Ghazni province, which lies on the strategic highway between Kabul and Kandahar.Till May 2010, 15 Polish soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan.

Poland spent $219 million on its Afghan mission in 2009, while in 2010 equipment cost reached to $275 million. Polish forces have been present in Afghanistan for over ten years, and have been largely conducting security operations in Ghazni province since 2008.

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